Remove the rose coloured glasses and glib clichés and get real

Say what you really mean and back it up! Whether you are rewriting your CV, preparing for a business meeting or getting ready for an interview the strategy of KISS (keep it simple stupid) holds true. You know yourself when you are hearing a “sales pitch” (think used car sales or insurance telemarketing) and I bet your automatic reaction is to say “no thanks” before they have even finished their spiel.

No one these days has time to listen to a whole story in order to find a potentially disappointing ending so my advice is get straight to the point and present your message clearly and succinctly. What does this mean in a job search situation? Make sure that your “value-add” achievements are the first thing your potential employer sees/hears:

What makes you stand out from the rest is not what is listed in your job description, instead list your:

  • Accomplishments
  • Sales success
  • Market share growth
  • New business won
  • Business initiatives

Be specific, give numbers, percentages or compare with past performance, see sample Resume Outline here.

Make yourself stand out from the others by showing your potential employer what you can bring to their team, check out how to describe yourself in a sales interview here ( Sundheim)

Using the same principal learn how to write convincing emails for internal or external business success here (