Is career growth your goal?

Embarking on a new career path, changing company or pursuing career progression is a pretty big step to take. Like a house purchase, it is a single event that has a major impact on our life, our family and our finances. So why do so many people “fall into” their jobs, take jobs they don’t enjoy or don’t know what their career goals are? I appreciate that economics and difficult job market conditions will of course force people to make job decisions out of necessity rather than choice; however these circumstances aside, we still hear and see this time and time again.
Approaching your career with the care and attention that you invest in a large purchase such as a house or a holiday will reap rewards.
What is your goal?
Think long term, think big and dream a little. Tie it in with your passions and motivations. Knowing what you need and want gives you the clarity to choose jobs that match with your game plane. Check out our Ideal Job Plan to help you set your goal.
Why do you want to achieve it?
Think about how you will feel when you reach your goal. Is it fame, fortune, power, freedom or satisfaction? Knowing what your motivators are will help you identify that you are on track as well as know how best to reward yourself along the way
How can it be achieved?
Research what you need to do. Identify people doing your dream job, how did they get there; what qualifications, previous jobs, skills gained, associations joined, and personal commitment? Check out our job profiles.
If you can, talk to them, or if you aiming really high, research their success through media, books and the internet.
Can you achieve it?
Check that you are being realistic, set yourself up to succeed. Do you have the time, money, ability and drive needed to achieve? Reassess and reset if necessary. Often our idea of the ideal job for us is different from the reality.
What are you going to do to get there?
Break it down into measurable milestone goals. These are the building blocks. Think of each job experience as a toolkit of skills that you keep adding to. Choose jobs that will give you the skills you need for your ideal future career.
Set timeframes, write a game plan, record your progress and commit time to dedicate to them. Refer our recommended books listing - Getting More Things Done -Simple Secrets to Become Focused And Organized In A Productive And Stress Free Way (No Shit Guide) by Michelle Evans
When will you know you have succeeded?
Set clearly definable achievements and reward yourself for achieving each milestone. You will know you are on the right track if each morning you wake up and want to go to work, and come home each night satisfied with your accomplishments.